Gateway to Major U.S. Cities:

New York City/Boston/Chicago

Las Vegas/L.A./San Francisco

New York City's Central Park

Boston: Old and New Architecture

Chicago River View at Night

Los Angeles: Beverly Hills

Getty Center, Los Angeles

Las Vegas, Gambling and Glitz

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

California cities: gateways to National Parks



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The Southwest and West

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that everyone should visit at least once. Home to some of the glitziest hotels and shows, the city is designed to have magnificent tourist amenities of every sort, and is nothing short of the gambling capital of the world. The sheer opulence (and, to some, the tackiness) of the Las Vegas strip, is a marvel unto itself, and a testament to modern commercialism and excess. Whatever one's proclivities and inclinations, Las Vegas does have much to offer the tourist, be it a warm weather getaway, a gambling escape, or a trip that combines casino hopping, shopping, and, if one has the time, the natural beauty of the southwestern United States. A trip to Las Vegas could be pretty much an escape into the magnificent facilities of your hotel, complete with its gaming, restaurants, shopping, spa, pool and evening entertainment, a place where there is no schedule, and nothing shuts down.

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Accessibility to other locations: Located in the magnificent southwestern United States, Las Vegas is a short flight or 6 or so hours from Los Angeles, and not far from the Grand Canyon. From the Grand Canyon, if one is taking a long road trip, the exploration of the American southwest and its magnificent natural beauty is only beginning, but you will need time. Supplementary on the national parks of the southwest is highly recommended e.g. Zion and Bryce National Park. See

Los Angeles

A sprawling city, Los Angeles has a LOT to offer a visitor, from its glitzy Hollywood image to its mansions in Beverly Hills to its theme parks (e.g. Disney and Universal Studios). Los Angeles is made up of many beautiful areas, not least some wonderful and exclusive beach communities (e.g. Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica) and home of the quirky, Venice Beach. The Getty Foundation gave its gift to the world in the form of the Getty Center, a stunning complex of buildings and immaculate grounds, perched overlooking the city. While the collection is good, it is the setting and the architecture of the Center that creates such an oasis.

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Accessibility to other locations: L.A. is a great point from which to conduct further explorations. Just 2 or so hours from San Diego (where the weather is perfect all year), it is just 3 hours from the resort of Palm Springs, which in turn is close to the Joshua Tree Monument, another feat of nature. From L.A., one can also pick up Route 1, a winding coastal road that hugs the coast that will take you through some of the most magnificent shorelines in the world. Supplementary reading for southern California is also highly recommended and you may well decide to spend some time visiting various National Forests, or to stop at the Hearst Castle, or do a day trip to trendy Santa Barbara. Branching off from Route 1, there are also many wineries and vineyards, also a feature of the northern California area.

San Francisco

One of the most photogenic of all U.S. cities, San Francisco does not really sprawl, and a lot of the exploration can be done on foot or by public transportation. San Francisco's pier area is touristy but fun to visit, and one can spend a lot of time climbing the hills on which the city is built, or walking the Golden Gate Bridge or spending time in the Golden Gate Park. San Francisco's Chinatown is the most extensive Chinatown within the U.S., and its Asian population is probably the best assimilated, compared to all other cities. A popular destination is the infamous island prison, Alcatraz. San Francisco also boasts some fo the most sophisticated food in the world, with every possibility of ethnic cuisine you might want to try. For detailed information on major sights, click on the San Francisco link above. Also check the official site:

Accessibility to other locations: Going north, you enter the renowned wine country of Napa and Sonoma Valleys. There is even a wine train one can take! San Francisco is also close to the Monterey Peninsula, a beautiful area housing the picturesque town of Carmel, and also, the 17-mile Drive where mansions of the stars are hidden by lush foliage. This is golf country, with the proximity of Pebble Beach. Going further south and inland, you will get to Ansel Adams country, namely the unbelievable Yosemite Park (picture on the left). This is a park that must be visited in one's lifetime. The view from Glacier Point alone will render one speechless and grateful for the immensity of the universe. Check the National Park Service site for happy browsing: One-stop source for latest financial news, stocks and indices

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