Gateway to Major U.S. Cities:

New York City/Boston/Chicago

Las Vegas/L.A./San Francisco

New York City's Central Park

Boston: Old and New Architecture

Chicago River View at Night

Los Angeles: Beverly Hills

Getty Center, Los Angeles

Las Vegas, Gambling and Glitz

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

California cities: gateways to National Parks




The Best Overview of New York City, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco on the Net!

Need to have a touring plan of the U.S.? This guide will help you with sights in and around the major cities, including U.S. national parks in the west and southwest and interesting areas for day-tripping.

New York City

New York City is one the world's most exciting cities, teeming with activity, diversity, the pulsation of life, culture, and the gamut of human experience from fantastic to gritty. Yet, to those who are diehard New Yorkers, it has its tranquility and neighborhoods one can call one's own. Whatever choices one makes within New York, there is no doubt that it is a living, breathing city, and, for visitors, provides a huge range of sightseeing options, from sitting in Henry James' Washington Square Park, gawking at skyscrapers, to museum-hopping from one stunning collection to another, to amazing theater, dining for every budget and mingling with the stars while shopping on Fifth Avenue. It is also the home of the United Nations, and renowned for the Times Square images that are broadcast every New Year's Eve throughout the world.

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For New York City's Top Tourist Tips:

Accessibility to other locations: In the expanded 3-day plan for NewYorkforTourists, you will see that New York City is a jumping-off point to beautiful places along the Hudson River, to Philadelphia and to both the Long Island and New Jersey shoreline, including Atlantic City, the host for the Miss America pageant for many years.


Boston is one of the United States' most "European" cities. It is very much a walking city, with an intimacy to its different areas that is different from many other American cities. It boasts wonderful European-style architecture, restaurants and seafood second to none, sports teams, outdoor activities as well as world-class museums.It is a city that is very "doable" in 2-3 days, with clear choices of activities like walking the Freedom Trail, shopping in the Back Bay area, visiting the Faneuil Marketplace area and of course, partaking of seafood.


For Boston's Top Tourist Tips:

Accessibility to other locations: From Boston, you can visit beautiful areas in New England, including historic towns like Concord (New England Transcendentalists) and Salem (of witch-hunt notoriety). You can also enjoy a more extended trip to places like Cape Cod. In the fall, New England "leafing" trips are legendary, for the sole purpose of drinking in the spectacular oranges, yellows and reds of the autumn foliage.


Chicago is the gem of the area called the midwest and still very much the crossroads of America. It has hotels for every budget, and diverse and top-notch dining, with some of the world's top chefs based here. You will find it a mecca for museum-lovers, as well as home to different spectator sports; there is shopping for every acquisitive taste, and at the end of the day, a hopping night life for every age group. The city itself boasts a stunning skyline, against the backdrop of the azure waters of Lake Michigan.It has extremely diverse architecture ranging from Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie style to the Sears Tower. While perhaps a little less in the relentless energy, it nevertheless has a huge cultural value and diversity, but is perhaps a bit of a kinder city. Just a short distance away from major tourist attractions, you will find different neighborhoods, with colorful cafes and eateries, all worthy of further exploration.


Chicago's Top Tourists Tips:

Accessibility to other locations: Within driving distance of Chicago, there is not so much that's incredibly interesting in the way of National Parks although it has areas like Galena (an old mining town), and quaint towns like Saugatuck, Michigan. By plane, Chicago, by nature of its location in the middle of the country, is an easy flight to the Rocky Mountains (Denver), just 3 or so hours to the southwest. It is also the rail hub of Amtrak, which fans out across the United States. In particular, the westward routes are renowned.

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